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Affilated By: Atal Bihari Vajpayee Vishwavidyalaya

Vision & Mission

Education Background


  • To produce the best Educators/Teachers that meets the technical, managerial and Educational challenges of modern society. This would serve the whole world.

  • To provide research and development atmosphere and to be an excellent center in higher and Teacher education to become world class guidance cum Counseling center for Education Sector.


  • To be excellent in all aspects of academic activities and produce a high quality Computer based/ Education based Students.

  • To survive on specialization, work increasingly in front-line areas that transcend disciplines.

  • To have a perception and a value system appropriate to the pursuit of high Science to meet the critically evaluated needs of the society in terms of products and processes using indigenous resources in close collaboration with Software, Education and manufacturing sectors.

  • To programmed in to their activities the emerging technological needs with a futuristic outlook.

  • To accept extension and public services as a third dimension to their role in addition to education and research.

  • To attain stature that enables them to provide leadership with credibility.

  • To prepare “Creative Software developers and educationists” ,“innovative thinkers”, and “Entrepreneurs”.

  • To provide a liberal as well as a professional education so that each student acquires a respect for moral values, a sense of their duties as a citizen, a feeling for taste and style and a better human understanding. All these are required for leadership.

Education Background